Friday, November 12, 2010

Welcome to the "The Supervisor's Two Day Boot Camp"

If you are a supervisor in your company or aspire to be, then mark December 6-7 2010 in your calendar for two powerful days that will leave you with a blueprint to management success!

Here is your chance to ask any questions you have or talk about the challenges you face in your management role today. Just add comments to the blog and I'll check in daily to continue the conversation until we meet in early December.

Have a great day!



  1. I think this is going to be an amazing opportunity for Supervisors to be able to access Professional Development in Jasper. What can they expect?

  2. They can expect two days of high energy, interactive fun where they get answers to the tough real life situations they are facing in their role as supervisor.

    Here are just a few practical things that past students have talked about taking away from this workshop:

    1) Being able to better communicate instructions to be understood and not have deal with the heartaches of cleaning up messes from misunderstandings

    2) How to motivate the laziest employee

    3) How to persuade others with my ideas

    4) How to deal with difficult employees (bully, gossip, passive-aggressive, lazy etc)

    5) Affirmation on what I'm doing right today

    6) How to stay focused on my priorities

    7) How to deal with MY boss

    8) How to stop needless interruptions to my workday.

    9) How to help an employee become independent in their role

    10) How to make this the ridiculously rewarding experience it should be!

    If anyone has specific goals for the workshop, feel free to mention them on this blog and I can tell you what to expect.

    The Course Book is a great resource they'll get to take back with them but the workshop is always tailored to the specific goals of the people there.

    Excited to be coming up to Jasper! David

  3. Will this course benefit Manager's who have been a manager for a number of years? Will they feel uncomfortable or feel the information is not for them?

  4. This course is for both!

    For First Time Managers, the the workshop gives them a practical plan for success and some excitement for a role that can be absolutely ridiculously rewarding! When you lead a team that works hard, plays hard and wins there is nothing like it in the world.

    For Experienced Managers, the feedback I've received is that it is powerful in two ways:

    1) It helps them deal with any issues they are currently facing. It is a great reminder of the principles of leading a team that we can easily stray from in our busy day to day activities. Each person should come with some specific issues they are dealing with and in stating them as goals for the workshop, they can get the coaching they need to tackle them.

    2) It validates and encourages them that they are doing a lot of things right. That feedback gives them a shot in the arm to return to their teams with renewed energy, focus and excitement. In our day to day we many times only get feedback for the things that are going wrong. This workshop will also validate and encourage the things they are doing well today.

    I'd encourage any participants in the workshop to use this blog as an opportunity to identify the specific issues they'd like to see tackled Nov 6,7.

    The workbook is the workbook and we will cover the full plan but each workshop is slightly different based on the specific needs of the people there. Start blogging what you want from these two days!

    Great to see the excitement in Jasper for Supervisory Training building. Only 3 spots left!